The Magee Group has chosen to foster a different Spin, a different Approach on competency, it’s siblings of skills, behaviors & attitude, inevitably leading to High performance. Talent management function can span multiple areas – recruiting, generalists, training and development, executive development, organization design, strategic planning, workforce planning, rewards and recognition. 
The Magee Group, Facilitators of Human Equity Integration, focus is the whole man, empowering you through our competency models of personality test, pin-point your exact talent. Preserving time and precious energy, team of image, career coaches, also skilled in interpersonal relationships, fundamental of integration in any environment… Confidence that commands acknowledgment where ever you go! You. Discovering your wealth, your human equity, we are prepared to assist developing the Leader of today, to Lead tomorrow. BFM
We are a Talent Management firm, Leadership experience in commercial, residential finance, investment banking, commercial & residential green technology, redeveloping, revitalizations of communities, buying and selling to include property management.

Our team includes colleagues from Goulston & Storrs, MIT, Winn and Simmons Financial Services and Its Affiliates.

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The Magee Group Code of Business Conduct.
This is a guide to help each of us understand our responsibilities
in conducting business on behalf of The Magee Group & Affiliates so that we maintain and enhance our reputation. Our Code of Business Conduct applies to all directors, officers, employees and contractors of our company. Each of us must read it and understand it to ensure that, as we go through our day-to-day
responsibilities in our various roles at The Magee Group & Affiliates, we are making the right decisions, staying focused on our key values, and successfully serving clients and all of our other stakeholders.

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