The Magee Group demonstrates psychology of selling the truth, treating every client as if they are our first. Serving our local communities and the nation at a level that demands referrals through service. Fundamentals of client first and execution in a super-charged business environment of virtual technology, our elite pools of executives qualified to generate the next C-Level Executives.

The Magee Group owned and operated by Bryant Fitzgerald Magee, designated as an investment and talent management firm. My tenure in the mortgage banking industry has prepared myself and the chosen team of community bankers, processor, closers, commercial and residential paralegals, attorneys, certified public accountant services, real estate brokers, transaction coordinators, green technology team,  soon to come a Non-profit focused on career coaching, entrepreneurs, grants and faith-based initiative in Boston, Massachusetts, New England and Nationwide.

The Magee Group offers decades of upper management executives experience through many different economics times. Affording our team the wisdom, intellectual properties and tools to manage human equity consulting in many diverse professions in the Boston, New England and nationwide metro markets.

Provided an opportunity… We will uphold a standard that would be considered amongst the top Talent Management firms. Enforcing compliance, professionalism and commitment to our slogan… “Where We Work For The Next Client.”

About Solutions

The Magee Group and its’ Affiliates infrastructure is to ensure optimum services by providing educational, commercial, residential financing, green technology, renovations, redevelopment, low-to-moderate housing, trained facilitators to assist in buying, selling and listing of properties. Offering streams of humanitarian safe havens through non-profit vehicles to save disadvantage homeowners in this current economic environment.

Ideal solutions

  • Identifying and attracting the right talent
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Onboarding and integration
  • Developing agility
  • Engaging and retaining
  • Managing performance
  • Aligning the leadership pipeline
  • Managing top-level succession
  • Transitioning
  • Empowerment through listening.
  • Empowerment through transparency.
  • Empowerment through teaching.
  • Empowerment through selling the truth.
  • Empowerment through application

The Magee Group Investment Tour:

The Magee Group Clientele helps companies succeed by recruiting the right talent, training and developing those professionals to consistently exceed revenue goals, plus consulting and coaching sales teams and managers in key selling and sales leadership skills.

Tactical Sales Planning and Sales Process Planning share a single objective to increase revenue growth. Drawing upon diverse portfolio of experience in startup and large enterprises, building new sales teams and launching new products, The Magee Group Clientele helps companies address and implement tactical sales projects in the following areas….

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