Sales Officers

Sales Officers
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To help companies better achieve top-line revenue growth, The Magee Group has established a practice dedicated to the recruitment of Top Sale Executives, commonly referred to as VP of Sales. We have found that companies are expecting more from their VP of Sales than industry knowledge, tactical sales management, and charismatic leadership skills; they are also demanding well-rounded general management abilities to ensure that top-line growth is both sustained and profitable.

For many companies, the VP must possess the means to "transform" their organization. They may be called upon for significant involvement in the due diligence process of a potential acquisition or to help product development innovate. At the very least, the VP is expected to be a strategic executive who can best determine the company's "go-to-market" approach, in many cases, on a national basis.

At The Magee Group, we have determined - no differently that any other functional position - that applying science, not just art, to the vetting process can improve your chances of attracting the right sales leader who can execute your strategy. We have "demystified" the selection process by developing assessment tools that utilize the same rigor usually reserved for more technical positions like the CFO or CIO.

Our VP Practice consists of a dedicated group of Consultants who have extensive experience successfully recruiting top-level sales leaders across multiple industries on a national basis.

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