Chief Human Resource Officers

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The human resources function has become a key driver  of organizational performance, as talent has emerged as the most critical element in business success. The HR executive stands at the intersection of strategy and execution, and as such, the role
demands a range of competencies as wide as any line function: business acumen, market insight, and expertise in organizational behavior, culture and value creation. With the dramatic changes in the HR role in recent years, our value is in helping our clients understand the marketplace of today's HR executives and colleagues.
Educational & Social Enterprises | Financial Services | Real Estate | Sales Officers

Effective management of education and social enterprise organizations is critical to this fast-growing industry segment. Trends toward convergence, consolidation and globalization have redefined the entire financial services industry. The real estate industry is going through dramatic changes: globalization, market consolidation, public versus private and outsourcing are just some of the key issues in today's marketplace. Human capital remains the crucial differentiator for success, and the Global Real Estate Practice gives our clients the advantage of identifying and attracting the best talent: To help companies better achieve top-line revenue growth, The Magee Group has established a practice dedicated to the recruitment of Top Sale Executives, commonly referred to as VP of Sales.



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