Educational & Social Enterprise

Educational & Social Enterprise

  • K-12/Compulsory/Secondary Education
  • Education Markets
  • Industry, Trade, and Professional Associations
  • Foundations & Grant-making Organizations
  • Welfare/Health & Voluntary Service Organizations
  • Cultural and Arts Institutions

Effective management of education and social enterprise organizations is critical to this fast-growing industry segment. With growth and revenues anticipated to double in these sectors over the next decade, these dynamic organizations will require aggressive, strategic leadership and fresh approaches. Our practice offers our clients -- some of the world's most sophisticated nonprofits and educational institutions -- a proven strategic resource to attract visionary executives. Utilizing our network of partners in the New England and Washington, DC Markets, We identify and place individuals who bring to our clients the management skills and the passion needed to effectively and creatively carry out their missions.

We believe that stakeholders in these sectors are inspired by how they can change their organizations to become more dynamic and effective in delivering the services they provide. Our goal is to create new ideas and initiatives for our clients through the ingenuity, inventiveness and passion we bring to our work.


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