Blanket Loans

The Magee Group Financial Services expanding lending approvals for multifamily apartment building and most residential and commercial investment properties considered “For Lease”. 

We provide a competitively priced residential and commercial blanket mortgage products geared for both residential and commercial properties Nationwide.
?    Unlike traditional banks and lending institutions, we take a commercial real estate underwriting approach while underwriting portfolios of rental property. More specifically, we use a common since and conservative underwriting approach when evaluating the collateral and cash flow of the assets. Personal debt and income ratios are NOT reviewed.
?    Most banks and lending institutions require the individual sponsors and no corporations allowed for the grantors of their loans. The Magee Group mandates all properties be located and controlled by a single newly formed LLC or other corporate veil which enables our borrowers to limit their personal exposure and liability.
?    Fannie Mae (10 properties) and Freddie Mac (4 properties) have limitations on the number of investment home loans per sponsor. Rental Home Financing has eliminated the limitations on the number of cash flowing properties. In fact, we encourage higher numbers and our pricing gets better as the numbers increase.
?    Try getting a Non-recourse lending product from your local bank or the GSE’s. We offer Non-recourse for most of our loan products starting at $500,000.
?    Assumability – All of our loans are assumable to a qualified borrower. Traditional residential mortgage lender loans have due on sale requirements.
?    No limit to the about of cash out when refinancing your residential portfolio. 
We write one blanket mortgage loan against your portfolio of residential assets. Properties can be located in the many different cities or states ranging from 5 to 500 properties. 
•    No personal Income/debt ratios are used
•    Consolidate monthly payment to 1 single mortgage lender 
•    Rental portfolios located across the United States are OK
•    30 year Amortization available
•    Non-Recourse options
•    5 & 10 year fixed rates

Your loan proceeds will be determined early on in our evaluation process and by our skilled underwriting team after a thorough analysis of both the portfolio and cash flow of the pool of assets being used for collateral. 
•    Up to 75% LTV
•    1.2x DSCR
•    500k - $50,000,000+
•    30 Year Amortization
•    5 and 10 year fixed rate terms available
•    5 year floating rate term available

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